Photos + Review: Seether at Myth (Maplewood, MN)

Seether (Pretoria, SA), Letters From The Fire (San Fransisco, CA), Big Story (Dallas, TX), Sleep Signals (Minneapolis, MN)
August 4th, 2017
Myth Nightclub in Maplewood, MN

This Seether show was one where it’s really hard for me to separate myself as a photographer and me as a fan (even fanboy). So instead of trying to separate, I’m gonna go through each version of me.

For a little background, Seether is the band for me. I’m sure everybody has that one band that just clicked for them when growing up and opened the floodgates to listening to more music. Music was never really that big of a thing for me until I was around 13 or 14 and heard Seether. They had a familiar sound that drew me towards them, yet different enough to what else I was listening to at the time where I really wanted to get down to what the band was about. Their Disclaimer, Disclaimer II, and Karma and Effect albums are the clear soundtracks of those teenage years of mine. So I’m incredibly happy that I finally got to see Seether live.

I had kind of lost interest in the band over the past handful of years as I had gone on to discover more music, and wasn’t too fond of the last couple albums they made.  That played into why it took so long for me to see them live. But Seether just released a new album, Poison the Parish a few months back that surprised me with how good it is so I was then really excited to see a live show in support of it. Which leads me to my first complaint; how are you gonna name your tour after your new album, yet only play two songs? Yes, you have a ton of other hit songs, but you have both good and new songs to play! Play those!

What disappointed me most about this show, and it’s mostly why it’s hard for me to separate my critical self from my fan self, is from a photographers perspective it was the most frustrating show I’ve had to deal with. Almost constant back lighting made it so you could either get silhouette shots or barely any details of faces. Lot of strobe lighting too so that made it hard on the camera’s autofocus to keep up. It just leaves a sour taste in my mouth that one of my favorite bands were difficult to snap photos.

As a fan though that has never seen Seether live before, the set list was pretty spot on, and they played each song as well as I could have hoped for. The biggest detriment to the show performance-wise was there wasn’t a whole lot of crowd interaction. They played through their 15 song set with not much else in between, which also meant no arbitrary encore, which I was quite happy about. There was also a cover of Deftones’ “Change in the House of Flies” which took me by surprise (I was expecting a Thrice cover), but felt completely fitting. I used to think last year’s Deftones show took the cake for how jam packed a crowd can be at a concert, but now I think Seether has it beat (it was seriously hard to walk almost anywhere in the venue). If the venue wasn’t at or over capacity, it had to be pretty close. Letters From the Fire played before Seether and they were really enjoyable. I missed out on seeing them last February when they opened for Lacey Sturm, so I’m glad I got the chance to catch them now and rock a huge crowd at Myth.

Overall it was a good showing from Seether, just not amazing. I still would recommend any fans to catch a future date of this tour if it comes near by.

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