Photos + Review: All Time Low & Waterparks at Palace Theater (St. Paul, MN)

Waterparks (Houston, TX), All Time Low (Towson, Maryland), Swmrs (Oakland,CA), The Wrecks (Los Angeles, CA)
July 16th, 2017
Palace Theater in St. Paul

Some things do live up to the hype (even surpass sometimes) that you can put in your head, and for concerts being such a visceral, emotional experience, it’s one of the best feelings being able to say one turned out better than you were expecting. I’ve been super lucky that I haven’t been to many (if any, actually) shows that end up not as good as hoped, but converse of that is also extremely true.

I’d been looking forward to this All Time Low show for months it seems now. Not much needs to be said about All Time Low; they’re classic and have been a staple of pop punk for years now. But them with Waterparks, and The Wrecks? That’s a killer line up right there, then add in SWMRS for good measure. I started this whole concert photography thing last year in April and one of the first bands I wanted to cover was Nothing But Thieves in May, where The Wrecks opened. I ended up not getting a pass to photograph it, but still went, enjoyed Nothing But Thieves, but more surprisingly got blown away by The Wrecks. It was this small little bar venue but they made it feel way bigger with how much energy they’re able to pack into their set.

Last February was when I was first exposed to Waterparks and went their a discovery phase similar to The Wrecks, where I left more impressed with them than the headliner that night. Biggest surprise that night though was how big of a following Waterparks and Awsten Knight has of teenage girls. I’d completely forgotten about that until I got to last Sunday’s venue. I also forgot about how funny Awsten can be, and how much I enjoyed his banter in between songs, even if he called it procrastinating. I’m glad that was still part of their set, along with everything else being able to translate well from a small venue to a packed 3000 person capacity venue. The next day they deservedly won “Best Breakthrough Artist” at the Alternative Press Music Awards.

All Time Low has been on my bucket list of bands to photograph for a long time now (their lighting is what photographers dream of) and everything about it was amazing. 20 songs of excitement, and getting people dancing. The only negative I can say is that they didn’t play “Return the Favor” and “Oh, Calamity”, both two of my absolute favorites. But they did play “Therapy”, which is now a new favorite too. Nothing else really needs to be said about them; they’re just good.

Every band was just that good this night. Go see them.

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