Photos + Review: Glam Skanks at The Casbah (San Diego, CA)

Glam Skanks
July 9th, 2017
The Casbah in San Diego, CA

A wave of glitter hit San Diego on Sunday when the LA-based Glam Skanks played The Casbah.  An all girl powerhouse that simply doesn’t sugar coat it. From the moment they hit the stage they just took over the entire room.  I think it is the well balanced combination of raw chords, catchy tunes, and mind blowing drum solos that win you over instantaneously.

They certainly have quite a bit of sex appeal thrown into the mix and they use it as a power tool that can drill their tunes into your head, marking their presence as a permanent pillar in the local music scene.

From the first time I caught them opening for Adam Ant I was hooked. There is a definite throw back to the classic roots of 70’s glam -T-Rex, Bowie and Suzi Quatro all seem to make small appearances in both their fashion and sound.  But I have to admit it takes a mighty powerful presence to take on such history and not find yourself lost in it, and all four of them own the stage fully and are not shadowed by any influences.  Ali Cat as their leading lady is bewitching to say the least, her amazing vocal skills are followed by a stage presence that could captivate you with one move.  Millie’s bass line is simply mesmerizing, Veronica’s guitar is capable to make your mind dance, and Cassie’s drums could make the dead move.

Highlight of the night was we were gifted not one but two new tunes:  “High Wasted” and “Lady Like.” Other favorites of mine were “G.L.A.M.” which opened their set, “Tube Tops,” “Karma,” “Bad bitch” and of course “Glitter City” which I have been listening to on a loop since the Adam Ant show this past February.

The only thing I could add is that I wish the set had been longer, they were so fun from beginning to end it was hard to stop.

In case you missed this show -and if you did you really missed out, make sure you keep tabs on Glam Skanks, I am sure they will make their rounds back to San Diego soon.

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Wild Soul
Tube Tops
Radio Blues
Fuck Off
High Wasted (Debuted tonight)
I Want It Now
Bad Bitch
Lady Like (Debuted tonight)
Glitter City

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