Photos + Review: Stitched Up Heart at Amsterdam Bar and Hall (St. Paul, MN)

Stitched Up Heart (Los Angeles, CA), Hell or High Water (Vista,CA)
June 21st, 2017
Amsterdam Bar and Hall in St. Paul, MN

Cupcakes and unicorns are almost always universally considered good and pure, so it’s only fitting that those are two things Mixi and Stitched Up Heart ride on during their shows. I was prepared for the unicorn, but not the cupcake.

I’m someone who 95% of the time will go see every band playing each night if I go to a concert even if I have no clue about them. It’s a bit of a respect thing, plus you can get surprised and blown away by a supporting band. The first time I remember that happening was a couple years back at a Between the Buried and Me show where Native Construct opened. Fast forward to last February and I got the same sort of feeling from Stitched Up Heart opening for Lacey Sturm. That show was also the first time I missed out on one of the other openers because I showed up late due to work and it being an early show (I still feel bad about that!).

The heaviness and chugginess of the Stitched Up Heart’s music drew me into Stitched Up Heart, Mixi’s vocals won me over and keep me coming back. I knew right after that February show that I wanted to catch hopefully a headline show, which happened this past week. I decided they were a band I’d be willing to road trip down for so I went to both the Des Moines and St. Paul show. These two shows were less concerts, and more parties that are full of family. A lot of bands claim their fan bases are family, but Stitched Up Heart’s seems genuine with it. Everyone seems to know each other and the band takes great measures to interacts with the vast majority of fans.

Hell or Highwater, solo project from Atreyu drummer Brandon Saller, is main support on this tour and they impressed immensely. Brandon has been one of my favorite vocalists for more than a decade now, so being able to see him front and center a couple nights in smaller, intimate settings was a treat. The smallness of the venues didn’t keep him and a guitarist from running around the venues, getting piggyback rides to climbing on tables and singing in the middle of the crowds. Definitely surprised me and kept me on my toes. Their tunes are just as killer. They translate extremely well live, leaving you helpless to the infectious grooves.

Stitched Up Heart’s music was just as good live as I remember from last February, both nights closing on high notes with covers of Drowning Pool’s “Bodies,” complete with each band member putting on different tutus. It was a perfectly fitting song for the band to cover, and perfect song to close the nights on. The Hearts In Hell tour runs through the 9th of July; be sure to catch a date if they’re in a nearby city!

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