Photos + Review: Tigers Jaw at The Regent (Los Angeles, CA)

Spin USA Tour
Tigers Jaw (Scranton, PA), Saintseneca (Columbus, OH), and Smidley (St. Louis, MO)
June 4th, 2017
The Regent in Los Angeles, CA

It’s been too long since I caught a show at the Regent.  School is finally done and the late afternoons of summer are getting longer making it a perfect time to catch this set on a Sunday night in DTLA.  Doors opened at 8pm and the line was already wrapped around the block as per usual at this venue.  I caught wind of this tour a few weeks ago and when I saw the dates for the last two stops in LA I knew I had to make a break for one of them.

My last memory of Tigers Jaw live was almost a year ago when they stopped by Chain Fest at the Observatory in Orange County.  Out of the entire festival their set was the one that blew me away the most.  The fans were packed in and the band was sporting some of their classics from the Pizza album making it one of the most cathartic live shows I have had the chance to see.

Smidley opened up and made their way into their set with long chats with the audience and some really great songs.  They had some lovely band members scattered around the stage but the main focus was on the lead singer, who was waving his beer around in the air as he was asking the crowd for some weed and thanking us for being there in the first place.  Their most memorable songs (for me personally) were “Fuck This” and “No One Likes You.”

Saintseneca followed with some classic indie rock sounds that lifted as their set went on.  Eyes were surely drawn to the keyboards where the band members took turns playing and plucking their instruments.  The crowd slowly grew larger and started to move to the folk beats made everyone feel mellow and ready for the next set.

Time came as Tigers Jaw members hit the stage ready to perform sounds from their latest album Spin.  So far it’s been crazy seeing how much this band has evolved within the past couple of years.  Nevertheless the entire set was amazing and sincere just like how I remembered.  The crowd swirled around song after song and amplified when an old hit was played.  The highlights from this set were “June” and “Never Saw It Coming” when the crowd woke the-f-up as soon as the song dropped off towards the end (you know what I’m talking about).  It’s always nice going to a show and see fans hold up their recently purchased vinyl and merch in the middle of the pit.  Amazing set and a great end to the weekend.

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