Photos + Review: Bush at the Temecula Wine and Balloon Festival (Temecula, CA)

     When it comes to Bush live there is going up with no coming down.

I last caught Bush on election day this past November 8th and not only were we lucky enough to survive the rocky beginning of 45, but Bush also added a non-expected and more than welcomed  stop at the 2017 Temecula Wine and Balloon Festival.  They are coming back for one more San Diego show on July 27th at the Cal Coast Open Air Theatre – and with everything that has happened after November 8th, I could use all the Bush shows possible!

I decided to take the entire family to this show.  I thought my 7 year old would love seeing them perform live since having recently discovered them on my playlists on Spotify, and on my end I just wanted to share the magic of a show with them to perhaps catch a glimpse of them loosing themselves in my music.

The venue didn’t exactly offer a photo pit but thanks to a very helpful security person and a pretty amazing guy who allowed me to have his spot up close to the stage I was lucky enough get a few shots.

The band took stage and opened their set with “Everything Zen” putting once again a huge smile on my face.  Not only is it an amazing song that can instantaneously catapult you out of reality but it can get the crowd going from the first chord.  Although I have to say quite a few fans were already screaming and cheering as the band walked on stage.

I have been to so many shows where the artist struggles to get the crowd amped and participant, this wasn’t one of them.  The years have changed, even the band’s lineup has changed, but Bush has stayed true to their roots with that firmly gripped connection they hold with their fans.

While we all know the epic success of mega hits like “Machine Head”, “Little Things,” and “Comedown” -to name a few, that are capable of setting any venue on fire, the entire set list seemed to flow masterfully, keeping the crowd engaged through old and new tunes.  One of my favorites from the new album luckily made the cut “Lost In You,” one of those haunting songs that pull you inward and backward with the right amount of melancholy.  This was followed by one of my all time favorite tunes by them, “Letting the Cables Sleep.”  It was quite perfect to lay down on the grass with my eyes closed letting this echo in my head.  It is very easy to lose yourself in their music and perhaps it is why their shows never seem to get old.   They’re like a well scripted improv that just pulls you in and allows you to get lost in that moment.  Their harmony among them on stage is undeniable and overwhelmingly contagious.  The guitar exchanges between Chris Traynor and Gavin are raw and sexy, Corey Britz’s hauling bass is capable of catering your soul and Robin’s drumming could make the dead dance.

They closed their set with a raw and unfiltered “Little things” that brought Gavin into the crowd and even got my very timid and quiet 11 year old daughter to sprint through the crowd to get close ( sorry to the people we jumped over ) that moment will be forever tattooed in my memory and was only surpassed by both my kids singing out loud along to “Glycerine.”  “Comedown” ended the evening in true epic proportions with the crowd taking over the vocals at the end of the song.

The band is on tour now supporting their latest release Black And White Rainbows.  Don’t Miss out.  You can also stay up to date with their touring schedule by visiting their site, dates are here.

I’ll hopefully catch up again on July 27th, and who knows maybe they’ll play their amazing cover of “Landslide.” I’m entitled to my birthday wish :).

Set List:

  • Everything Zen
  • Peace-S
  • The Chemicals Between Us
  • Greedy Fly
  • The Sound Of Winter
  • Mad Love
  • Nurse
  • Sky Turns Day Glow
  • The Only Way Out
  • The People That We Love
  • Swallowed
  • Lost In You
  • Letting The Cables Sleep
  • The Beat of Your Heart
  • Little Things


  • Machinehead
  • The One I love/Black Hole Son
  • Glycerine
  • Comedown
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