Photos: Balance and Composure at 7th Street Entry (Minneapolis, MN)

Balance and Composure (Doylestown, Pennsylvania), Queen of Jeans (Philadelphia, PA), From Indian Lakes (Indian Lakes Estates, CA)
May 16th, 2017
7th Street Entry in Minneapolis, MN

This was a challenging show for me, not in the sense that any of the bands were bad, but in the sense that I had to challenge myself and my preconceived notions that I might have had going in. I’m used to the fast past hard rock, pop rock, pop punk and just plain punk rock type of music, and those are genres that I love seeing live. It’s my fault for walking into this show expecting the kind of fast paced tunes that go with those genres, but disregarding that and getting myself in the mood for more slow paced, gritty, post-punk songs, it was easy to enjoy the type of music that Balance and Composure plays.

My only wish is that the band would have played Twentyfour which would have satiated my wanting for more fast paced music and it’s one song I absolutely love from them, but ending on I Tore You Apart In My Head was a good compromise.


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