Photos + Review: Against the Current and State Champs at Wooly’s (Des Moines, IA)

State Champs (Albany, NY), Against the Current (Poughkeepsie, NY), With Confidence (Sydney, AU), Don Broco (Bedford, EN)
April 11th, 2017
Wooly’s in Des Moines, Iowa

This wasn’t Metallica, Tool, or Avenged Sevenfold; the kinds of bands that can routinely sell out arenas in minutes and people travel for for days to see. So some people would probably call me crazy for driving for 500 miles and eight hours total to see Against the Current and State Champs. Maybe they’re right, who am I to argue? As for my reasoning behind making this trek, it was my version of a vacation. Taking a day or two to just do me, get away from everybody and go see a concert of a couple of my most recent favorite bands? Yes, please. I’ll take that any time.

This Tuesday night was the second time for me seeing and shooting Against the Current and first time for State Champs and all the other bands. Is Iowa always this efficient with their shows? The first band, Don Broco went up, played their set, got done and the next band With Confidence were up and playing in no time it seemed. Four bands playing totaling a little more than four hours left me impressed. The billing of this show was as close to perfect as I’ve seen. Each band complimented each other incredibly well, where if you’re a fan of pop punk at all, there’s a great chance you’ll like all of who played this night with State Champs being on the heavier side, Against the Current being on the poppier side, and Don Broco and With Confidence being in the middle.

Against the Current’s set was short but sweet with nine songs playing favorites like Talk, Gavity, and Wasteland. I think I was spoiled with my first time seeing them being a headline show because I was still wanting them to play more after they played through their nine songs. There was an interesting difference of feeling with this show being at a bigger venue versus last December’s which was smaller and felt more personal and intimate as a result. Both sizes lend themselves to the band really well and I’m glad I’ve got to see both sides. I got to meet Chrissy after the show was all done and she was the sweetest person ever for the short amount of time I got to talk with her.

State Champs lived up to the hype I built up in my head. I found out about these guys when I saw this tour announced, listened to Secrets and promptly fell in love with the band. Last fall’s Billy Talent show is the measuring stick I have in my head for impressiveness from bands. They played 18 songs that night that were just straight rockers, no slow songs. Sometimes sets that are that long can tend to drag in the middle but there’s didn’t and State Champs’ might have just taken their top spot. Their 17 songs set have everybody moving all night, with many fans leaving sweaty after all were done. Secrets was the band’s encore and ended the night perfectly with their best and most known song.

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