Photos + Review: Adam Ant at the Observatory North Park (San Diego, CA)

Adam Ant (London, England) and Glam Skanks (Hollywood, CA)
February 18th, 2017
Observatory North Park in San Diego, CA

Since a picture is usually worth at least a thousand words, I felt it appropriate to open my review with the image I felt better symbolized the outburst of exuberance that Sir Adam Ant is.

This was my very first time seeing Adam Ant live.  I had thought about attending the previous tour but there was a part of me that wanted to hold on to this romanticized, perfect version of him that I created in my head after listening to his music and watching his videos or movie performances for so many years.

He was part of a very small and selective group of artists that shaped my adolescence, helped me survive the bumpy high school years and the tumultuous college times.  He dictated not only what CD okay, cassette at first, went into my (hold your giggles for this one) boombox, but also what piece of clothing I was going to wear and what author I was gong to read next.

Needless to say at this point my pre-show excitement was met by an equal level of fear and anxiety.  He fit so perfectly on that admiration pedestal I had built and I needed him to stay there while other artists didn’t quite withstand the test of time and left me with somewhat bittersweet memories.

As I entered the venue some of the anxiety was immediately relieved by the opening act Glam Skanks, an all girl LA based glam rock band.  I know so many people usually tend to skip the opening act but let me tell you, if you missed them you missed out!  These girls had the crowd stomping around after just a few chords.  It’s like they took classic 70’s glam rock infused it with the raw grungy energy of the 90’s and pumped it full of steroids.  Raw, sexy and just full of energy.  They were the perfect intro to the night and I have to say I can’t wait to catch them again.

And then after a few minutes of stage changing the venue went dark and the drums started rolling.  “Dog Eat Dog” started and Adam Ant took stage.  I am not sure how to describe the moment he walked on stage besides saying that not even two drummers as amazing as they are could out-stage and out-power him.  It is as if the moment he appeared on stage everything else around him just went dark.   He commanded everyone’s full attention at all times.  I had to remind myself to move to try to catch all the band members on stage, common concert photographer’s antic that proved itself not quite possible this time.  He stands taller than his grand theatrics and can make you swoon with the first note he sings. He is a true magical explosion of energy that you just can’t take your eyes off.  He has that kind of voice that makes your heart dance, and I have the blurry shots to back this.  Man, it is so hard to hold still when all you want to do is put the camera down and dance around.

One line into the opening song I knew that pedestal of mine was safe.  I mean videos are great and all but seeing him live a foot away was mind blowing.  He came out in full force, grand and theatrically oversized, yet delicately sensual. His voice beautified by the passing of time marking him as a true timeless icon.

The show was over two hours of amazing unstoppable continuous drum guided powerhouse songs that kept everyone in the venue gasping for more.  He performed “Kings of the Wild Frontier” as anticipated and gave so much more by performing so many other fan favorites including “Vive Le Rock,” “Prince Charming,” “Goody Two Shoes,” and not to mention his amazing cover of T-Rex’s “Get It On.”

I would have been satisfied had he stood and delivered, but instead he danced and conquered.  He showed up in full force and out lived any expectations.  His performance was quite mind-blowing not to mention he is gorgeous enough to make my camera blush.

If you were lucky enough to catch this tour write a comment and let me know what your thoughts were, if by any chance you missed out try to catch him next time and I guarantee you will not regret it.

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  • Seeing a performer 33 years after you first saw them can be frighteningly disappointing. Often they can’t quite hit the notes or move like they used to. Not so with Adam Ant! Barely taking a breath between songs, each person in the audience was mesmerized by his commanding voice and incredible band.His voice has stood the test of time. His lyrics have stood the test of time.
    Notable moments were the impeccable vocal range and dance moves during “The Human Beings”, the simultAneous audience participation during “Prince Charming”, and the performance of classics like “Red Scab” and “Cartrouble.”

    The 2017 San Diego Adam Ant show, in an intimate venue, was one of the best nights of my entire life!

  • Adam Ant is so much more talent then what anyone can imagine! As far as a performer he not only gives a great performance he also naturally draws you into it! You leave feeling so energized and excited! Adam is seriously under rated when it comes to selling tickets! If you haven’t seen him you should catch him when he is in town! Definitely an Icon and hero of our time!!!

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