Photos + Review: AFI at First Avenue (Minneapolis, MN)

AFI (Ukiah, CA), The Chain Gang of 1974 (San Jose, CA), Souvenirs (Carpinteria, CA)
January 30, 2017
First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN

Part two of my high school reminiscence and emo nostalgia weekend concluded with a bang by emo punk rockers AFI (part one was Dashboard Confessional the night before). AFI played a huge part in my gateway into the heavier music I listen to currently. AFI’s 2006 Decemberunderground and “Miss Murder” came out right in the middle of my high school days and while I never got enthralled with the band then, listening back to it now it still has it’s staying power.

Similarly, seeing AFI live for the first time after they’ve been around for more than a quarter century gave me much more appreciation for the band. Taking me off guard by opening with “Miss Murder,” their set started with much energy and kept it up throughout the near two hour set. I was disappointed only two songs off Decemberunderground were played, “Miss Murder” along with “Totalimmortal,” but the many die-hard fans in attendance still loved what was played.

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