Photos + Review: Camila at House of Blues (San Diego, CA)

Camila (Mexico)
February 1st, 2017
House of Blues in San Diego, CA

Mexico’s Camila stopped by the House of Blues for a very sold out night.  I was excited as all get out to shoot my first Spanish show and was very surprised to see the band kick off the night, with no support needed.  They really weren’t necessary.  Instead the band opted to give the fans what they wanted and played through the night.

The crowd was excited to see Camila after a two year hiatus in support of their latest record, Elypse, the moodiest of them all.  Elypse very much still has their trademark sound but this time it’s almost as if their songs are laced with a delicate fury.  They start out soft and quiet and then combust with swelling guitars, drums, voices, and of course Mario Domm’s signature piano.

The band featured a very particular chorus as well.  They had super star Marco Antonio Solis’ daughter for starters, who is packed with a stellar voice.  They also have Latin Grammy nominee, Ian Holmes who I’m pretty sure is a literal angel.  Their backing band never missed a single beat and except for the introductions they hardly stopped.  The band played through their hits, “Decidiste Dejarme,” “Mientes,” “Alejate de Mi,” among many others.  Of course they chose to end their show with “Todo Cambio” to the tune of everyone in attendance which was awesome.

I was delighted to finally get to catch a show in Spanish and loved the atmosphere and the warmth of the people at the House of Blues in San Diego this night.  There were tons of friendly faces and all dressed to the nines for Camila.  A very special thanks to Camila and Live Nation for having me.  Check out the rest of their Tour Elypse dates here.

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