Photos + Review: Protest the Hero at The Cabooze (Minneapolis, MN)

August Burns Red (Lancaster, PA), Protest the Hero (Whitby, ON), In Hearts Wake (Byron Bay, AU), ‘68 (Atlanta, GA)
January 15, 2017
The Cabooze in Minneapolis, MN

I love it when a period of time in your life comes full circle.

Around this time last year I went and saw Between the Buried and Me and August Burns and it was then that I decided to get into concert photography. I saw a guy in the photo pit (later learned it was Ray Duker) taking pictures and thought to myself “I can do that, I totally want to do that,” so I got myself a camera a month later. Fast forward to last Sunday and I was able to be that person in the photo pit for August Burns Red show here, extra special because they’re playing their entire Messengers album in full in celebration of it’s 10th anniversary.

Protest the Hero though is who I was dying to see live. They were my first concert ever, way back in 2006, and haven’t seen them since. They’ve gotten better and better with each album, and with each album I wanted to see them again more and more but never got the chance. Ever since I’ve starting concert photography I’ve had Protest the Hero on my list of bands I had to shoot and cover. Being able to cover the first band I ever saw live is another part of my life I was able to bring full circle. It’s funny thinking back ten years ago how I had no idea that I’d be able to do what I do now.

Protest the Hero played as well as I had hoped they would, though I did hope they would have played more off Pacific Myth, or at least Caravan, but overall the set list was very solid. I got to see “Skies” live which was worth it alone. August Burns Red set was by far the craziest I’ve set I’ve ever been to. There were people jam packed from the entrance to the far back (which I had to walk all through at one point) and energy they gave of was unrivaled by any other show I’ve been to, which the venue itself probably contributed to a great bit. Normally I don’t like the Cabooze all that much, but with how the building’s set up wide rather than long, almost every person in there felt close up to the stage.

It was hot, sweaty, and intense this show. Trying to take good photos while enjoying the music being played and maneuvering through a very cramped photo pit including watching out for incoming crowdsurfers will go down as one of the most memorable times of my concert-going life. Don’t miss the chance to see this tour if it comes to your city.

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