Photos + Review: The Regrettes & Cherry Glazerr at The Glass House (Pomona, CA)

Cherry Glazerr (Los Angeles, CA), Slow Hollows (Los Angeles, CA), and The Regrettes (Los Angeles, CA)
December 29th, 2016
The Glass House Concert Hall in Pomona, CA

Last night started off with a bang as the amazing The Regrettes took the stage.  As soon as they started I knew it was going to be a great show because they brought so much energy to the stage that I am sure few were expecting from an opening act.  I was not surprised because this band is an incredible force of beachy mellows that escalate into full out mosh pit jams.  It was nice seeing the crowd take to their energy.  Though there are only a few songs now, I was excited to receive the news that they will be putting out their first full length album next month (January 13th, 2017) when I was scoping out the merch table.  After their set I even got the chance to talk to some really cool kids in the crowd who confided that they had no idea who The Regrettes were before they saw them but after their performance, were going to go home and listen to their music more.  I was stoked for them because that is the absolute best part about seeing a band for the first time. It is also how I can usually tell if the band is really invested in their performance and The Regrettes did not disappoint.

Slow Hollows took the stage next and spent their set performing songs off their latest album, Romantic and even invited a lovely saxophonist onto the stage to jazz out with them.  They were very mellow but still carried an underlying punk vibe that the whole crowd seemed to enjoy.  They also looked really nice playing in front of the paper vagina cut outs placed all over stage.

Finally Cherry Glazerr stepped out. I was ready for the blend of psych pop rock they seemed so good at supplying.  The keys and guitar centered Clementine Creevy as she howled and rocked around stage, coming close to the crowd to make wide eyed eye contact with blissful fans.  Then suddenly it was a sea of crowd surfers all hitting the stage as they raged to each song.  Songs were played off of every album but of course there are always the crowd favorites like, “Had Ten Dollaz” which sounded irresistible when they played it.  Cherry Glazerr vinyl lined the rigs and everyone was repping merch.  The entire show was a well needed gathering of talent and creative expression only these bands could supply.  Be sure to look out for The Regrettes, Slow Hollow, and Cherry Glazerr next time they are around because it was a great show from all of them.

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