Photos + Review: Tory Lanez at The Fonda (Los Angeles, CA)

I Told You Tour
Tory Lanez (Toronto, Canada) Jacquees (Decatur, GA), and Kranium (Montego Bay, Jamaica)
December 22nd, 2016
The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, CA

Thursday night in LA and Tory Lanez is finding his way to the 2nd story upper deck of the classy Fonda theatre.  He did this not by walking, but by crowdsurfing over and climbing up the rails like a superhuman.  I respect that.  He made the entire theatre move last night with his harmonies and perfect pitch.  It also made it fun that he isn’t bad to look at, and from my perspective – really has no bad angles.

The night started off pretty late with the openers Jacques and Kranium hitting the stage one after the other.  Both performers were very different in style but equally fun to watch. Jacques got us with some classic Jamaican beats and Kranium bounced the bass and had us moving.

Right before the curtain went up there was a mellow vibe amongst the crowd.  As I looked around everyone was grouped up waiting for the show.  Curtains go up, and the DJ got us pumped with some great songs from 2016.  Lights go out and Tory Lanez hits the stage.  I need to stress that if you ever come across Tory Lanez live GO TO THE FRONT. I think this tour has really let him loose because as soon as he went out he was turned up.  Little dance parties started forming around me and the intensity and energy only seemed to increase as the set went on.  Only really talented crowd leaders like Tory can pull off the “Hands up – bounce bounce bounce!” and make the crowd go nuts.  He even got us with some real falsetto, making me double take and think it was the voice of a damn angel.

Jumping from R&B to hip hop Tory Lanez wasn’t shy when it came to sharing his past and giving us some important life advice.  He really appreciates how far he’s come with his career and it makes me really excited to see him grow.  I loved the old school injections of Ginuwine and Usher mixed with a little bit of Caribbean sounds, which isn’t something I come across a lot these days.  As the show ended he took off his shoes and jumped into the crowd.  I didn’t think he was gonna do it but he really went for it.  The crowd gave him a boost to the upper deck of the Fonda and like Spiderman he climbed over and ended his show completely opposite of where it started.  He gave us this intense look, told us to catch him next tour, dropped his mic from his lips and walked out. I heard nothing but amazing things as I was leaving and soon it was Friday morning.

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