Photos + Review: Against the Current at Triple Rock Social Club (Minneapolis, MN)

Against the Current (Poughkeepsie, New York), Beach Weather, CRUISR (Philadelphia, PA)
December 13, 2016
Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis, MN

Each year there seems to be a few new bands that surprise me. Against the Current is the latest, not only for how good they are, but how experienced they currently sound. What initially got me interested in the band were some live photos I thought were fantastic. I didn’t look into the band any more than listening to a few songs to get a feel of their sound. It took me until last night’s show to realize that the album they’re playing in support of is just their first full album.

A small venue provided a nice intimate setting for the audience and the bands. I kept wondering to myself why the show was set for Triple Rock when I felt it could have easily been at a bigger venue like Varsity Theater, but in hindsight the smaller place made the night at least a bit more special. The frigid four degree temperature outside also probably helped the feel too, where only the biggest fans of the band in the area decided to brave the cold and enjoy the night. Beach Weather (“Very fitting name for this weather”) and CRUISR opened up the night. Beach Weather’s music was more fitting than their name for the night. They’re just straight up good rock music and it always makes me happy when I find and hear new rock bands. The world can always use more bands like these guys.

This tight-knit group setting let the band’s personalities shine, through the banter between songs. I felt close to the band, which is awesome as new fan, and the band felt close to the fans, talking, chatting and joking throughout their set. When Against the Current were about ten songs in to their 15 song set, it was then I fully realized that I really enjoyed all of the songs being played. Any doubts I had before were crushed and I’ll definitely be following and supporting the band closely in the future.

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