Photos + Review: 30 Days in LA – YG at The Wiltern (Los Angeles, CA)

Red Bull Sound Select – 30 Days In LA
YG (Los Angeles, CA), Finding Novyon (Minneapolis, MN), and Tasha the Amazon (Toronto, Canada)
November 29th, 2016
The Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA

Every year in November, Red Bull puts together shows all over Los Angeles and stacks the lineup with different up-and-coming artists.  This year may have been their best year yet because the month long event was filled with artists such as HAIM, Bibi Bourelly, Tory Lanez, Charli XCX, Snakehips, and so many more.  These tickets became hard to come by after shows were selling out left and right.

Last night we were lucky enough to score tickets to YG, fresh off his Fuck Donald Trump Tour sharing the stage with DJ Vision, Finding Novyon, and Tasha the Amazon.  Show goers piled into The Wiltern ready to get turnt and enjoying the many amenities that Red Bull had to offer such as a GIF booth, free pizza, and hats for those who were excited enough to stand in line early.  I had no idea what to expect from the Compton native but all I knew was that the vibes of the room were elevated and with my camera in hand, I watched my date grab Red Bull vodka and I headed into the crowd.

Tasha the Amazon wasted no time getting the party started as fans packed the floor.  Canada knows how to bless hip hop artists and Tasha was no exception. She seemed so natural on stage and had me moving with her finely produced beats and dagger sharp lyrics.  It’s clear that Tasha is very involved with her lyrics and performance.  She even needed to stop herself from jumping over the rig to crowd surf (I was all for it though, I even yelled “DO IT.”)  The highlight of her set was when she performed “Steady Now” off the widely known Comedy Central show Broad City’s soundtrack.  The entire song is just a banger and flattered her whole performance.

No time was wasted between sets because right on the dot, Finding Novyon ran out with his crew and made the crowd jump.  Opening with Rob $tone’s hit, “Chill Bill” it grabbed everyone’s attention, especially mine because that song is hot.  Flying all over the place he threw down his song with powerful beats and subliminal positivity.  It was a refreshing set that made everyone feel a certain way and one that I will remember for a while.  The lighting was beautiful and he looked right at home on stage.  Finding Novyon is well on his way to making his name in the community.

Thinking that YG was up next, I ran back down to the rig to find a giant light screen that soon read “DJ VISION” across the wall.  This warm up was insane and gave us a chance to dance to crowd favorites like Chance the Rapper mixed with D.R.A.M and so many more. I was chilling with the other photographers and noticed I was the only one dancing, oh well.

In case your twitter feed hasn’t reminded you, somehow Donald Trump has made it to the White House as out president elect.  A man who rode the wave of hatred all the way to Washington gave YG the motivation to counter him with a massive tour.  “FDT” has become the anthem for those of us who have been thinking the exact same thing for the past year.  YG started his set in the craziest way.  The rapper was recently shot while recording at a studio in the suburbs of LA.  “Who Shot Me?” lit up the massive screen and YG was wheeled out on a stretcher where he performed that single off his album Still Brazy.  After that the entire house was lit up and bumping.  It was one of those shows where you are hit with classic singles that bring back so many good times.  DJ Mustard jumped on stage for “Left,Right” and G-Eazy came out for “FTD.”  This was a true homecoming show for YG.  He even hand picked fans from the crowd and let them have their way with a Donald Trump piñata. We even got to throw back to “Toot It And Boot It,” which is such a suave song.  The entire night was a huge party as expected and well worth the wait.  If you are ever in LA in the fall be sure to watch out for the next 30 Days signs posted all over downtown.

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