Photos + Review: Bush at the Observatory North Park (San Diego, CA)

Bush (London, England) and The Dead Deads (Nashville, TN)
November 8th, 2016
The Observatory North Park in San Diego, CA

In the mist of all the political craziness and uncertainties of the current political crazy wave one thing seems sure: 20 years later and we still didn’t want to come down from Bush’s cloud.

November 8th, 2016 was gong to be a date that was to be remembered, I knew this and it became even more obvious to me while standing at the will call window to pick up my credentials.  People discussing the polls, people worried, anxious, and some scared.  Finding like I did, comfort in knowing that no matter what we’d be tuning out all the tension, if only for a couple of hours.

Getting into the venue took a bit longer than I had anticipated due to the long lines and I did miss my photo opportunity for the opening band.  No big deal I thought, I had never heard of them before.  I had a long day at work prior to the show so I was just looking forward to songs I knew could help ease my mind…

And then I walked into the venue and just like that, after a couple of notes and one single screechy cry I was hooked.  And for a second I was taken by the parody of an overly chauvinistic political warfare that took over our airways for months now and here are 4 ladies that can kick ass and rock harder than just about anyone I had seen this past entire year.

The Dead Deads are definitely a band worth seeing.  Their energy is a definite attention grabber, I might have missed the first three songs but every other song kept my eyes glued to the stage.  Favorite song “Lemonade,” was raw, powerful, and still catchy enough to be stuck in my head for days after the show.

And then there is Bush….20 years later and still packing venues with screaming fans.  Everyone I talked with had a story that somehow got tangled into one of their songs.  A break-up or a breakthrough, a heartache, or a very strange hookup in a train station as this girl told me.   Unfortunately in many details which will not allow me to feel the same way about “Machine Head” ever again.  There are many great songs you will hear in your life span, but among these there are some that just become synonymous with key moments in your life and magnify their importance creating an emotional and uncontainable reaction, and Bush has quite a few of these.

On November 8th it felt like the entire audience shared a magnificent and intimate bond with the band that turned the ordinary into extraordinary.  I can’t remember when the last time I put down my phone down for just about the entire show was.  All of a sudden the election didn’t matter, and although I did wish now in retrospect that I had recorded some live video I am stoked I got to fully live and enjoy the show…and they put on a show!

First of all the chemistry between them on stage in undeniable.  The energy that Rossdale brings is out of this world, both on stage and when he jumps offstage.  Walking through his fans singing to them, engaging with them, not once but twice during the show.  I do need to remember for future Bush shows to return my camera to my backpack safely before chasing after him through the crowd.  A big thanks to the lovely fan who caught my falling camera.  Chris Traynor’s guitar playing is an explosion of pure emotion and Corey Britz’s bass is beautifully haunting.  Robin Goodridge is simply relentless.

Highlights of the show were, first of all tearing up to “Everything Zen” as the audience exploded to each note, “Sounds Of Winter” being a long time favorite.  I loved “The Earth Keeps Burning,” perfect timing with the song especially for those of us who do not believe that climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese government.  “Little Things” of course but nothing tops the stage moving into the crowd 😉

One awesome unexpected surprise was the amazing cover to “The One I Love” By REM followed by “Glycerine” and “Comedown.”

The entire show was truly breathtaking, both visually and emotionally.  As a fan I left literally giggly and as a photographer I was really thankful.  Often enough we get to photograph from soundboards, a far corner, as if we are there to photograph but not see and enjoy the show.  I have said this before, most of the photographers that are in the pit are there because they are fans first and foremost.  So thank you Bush for the pit, thank you for the amazing lights, and thank you for putting on a show that as a fan I am more than proud to write about.


Everything Zen
Chemicals between us
Sounds Of Winter
Greedy Fly
Earth Keeps Burning
People That We Love
Lost In You
Only Way Out
House Is On Fire
Little Things
Machine Head
The One I Love (REM Cover)

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