Photos + Review: Against Me! and Bad Religion at The Hollywood Palladium (Los Angeles, CA)

The Vox Populi Tour 2016
Bad Religion (Los Angeles, CA) and Against Me! (Gainesville, FL)
November 4th, 2016
The Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, CA

The Vox Populi Tour came to an end Friday night at the Hollywood Palladium.  With the current state of the election (and America) Bad Religion decided to put this tour together to remind people what it’s like to be a true punk anarchist.  The night really started at Amoeba Records where Greg Graffin did a signing for his new book Population Wars, which was down the street from the venue.  Inside the Palladium, Dave Hause opened the night and from what I heard it sounded great.  The guitar sound that man has is an acoustic punk style that set the mood of the night.

Against Me! took the stage at around 8:30 and gave the crowd something to mosh to.  I overheard one girl who was squished at the front of the barrier say, “I’m gonna rage during Against Me! then get fucked up in the mosh for Bad Religion!” Laura Jane Grace really put on a show that made the crowd go wild.  “I Was a Teenage Anarchist” and “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” were some of the best from the set and when Bad Religion was on stage, she joined them when they started “Television,” which had to be one of the highlights from the night.  Their whole set gave me a glimpse of what it’s like to really be a true anarchist.

Getting ready for Bad Religion didn’t start for me in the photo pit.  This show has been on my calendar since the tour was announced weeks ago.  If you don’t already know, Bad Religion is the band that really set the Punk stage, especially in Los Angeles.  Every one there was influenced by this band in some way and it was great to see the venue sold out and the line out the door.  As soon as Bad Religion hit the stage the crowd erupted and I had to dodge the flying cups of water and beer hitting the stage.  People were just so excited they couldn’t hold on to their beers.  They opened with “You Are (The Government)” and by the time I was in the crowd Greg was yelling, “THIS SONGS CALLED FUCK YOU!”  The entire show was a riot and when I looked around large men were jumping and women were dancing.  The set was nice and long and they closed out the show with classics like “Sorrow” and “Fuck Armageddon.”

Overall most of the crowd was really connecting with the material from the 80’s, which is arguably their best stuff so it was great to see them bring it back and really put on a great show for all their die hard fans.  The entire show was insane and I am truly sorry if you missed it!

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