Photos: Yellowcard at Mill City Nights (Minneapolis, MN)

Dry Jacket (Marlton, NJ), Like Torches (Stockholm, SE), Yellowcard (Jacksonville, FL)
October 31, 2106
Mill City Nights in Minneapolis, MN

Ghosts (Dry Jacket), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Like Torches), and Yellowcard put on a incredibly memorable, incredibly packed Halloween show.

Throughout this last year of going to shows, my favorite ones are the shows that feel most like parties and celebrations, more than just bands up on stage playing music for a few hours of the night. Motion City Soundtrack last June was like that, where there was a feeling of everyone at Varsity Theater being friends, just enjoying the music and being around it all, and last Monday’s Yellowcard show was reminiscent of Motion City Soundtrack’s as well. Maybe it has something to do with it being Yellowcard’s last show in Minneapolis before they call it quits. I loved that Dry jacket and Like Torches both

25 songs of deep cuts, new cuts, and closing out the show with Only You, and of course Ocean Avenue definitely gave myself and the thousands of other fans a night and experience that will always be remembered.

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