Project Pabst Citywide Festival
Animal Collective (Baltimore, MD), Hop Along (Philadelphia, PA), Mac DeMarco (Edmonton, AB, CA), Guided By Voices (Dayton, OH), and Beach Slang (Philadelphia, PA)
October 8th, 2016
The Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA

Even though it was raining, that didn’t stop fans from coming out to the Project Pabst Citywide Festival. With bands, arcade games, food, and endless PBR, fans could not ask for more from a festival. The first band I saw of the day was Philly natives, Beach Slang. Vocalist James Alex has such a unique voice and watching him do his Pete Townshend inspired windmills never gets old. They were the perfect way to kick off my night. Next up was the recently reunited band, Guided By Voices. Being freshly twenty-one, I was not as familiar with their music as a lot of the older fans in attendance so I was curious to see what the hype was about, but GBV lived up to it. They played over twenty songs and each one sounded amazing.

Next was Mac DeMarco. I’ve seen him a few times now and he never disappoints! He opened with “The Way You’d Love Her” and went on to play other favorites like “Salad Days” and “Ode to Viceroy. ” Mac’s voice is so smooth and he makes playing music seem so effortless. It is always such a pleasure to watch him perform. After him was another Philly band, Hop Along. They began their set with Frances Quinlan performing solo and she is incredibly talented at her craft. The rest of their set consisted of old songs, songs from their 2015 release, Painted Shut, and even a Weeknd cover. Hop Along had a ton of hometown fans in attendance that sang along to every song and it was so much fun. Closing out the night was Animal Collective. Everything from their stage set up to their lighting made the atmosphere perfect for their set. Their experimental sound is different from the other bands on the bill, but they still sounded just as incredible. There was not a person in the building who wasn’t moving. It was the perfect way to end such a fun day!

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