Photos + Review: The Aggressive Tour at The Regent Theater (Los Angeles, CA)

The Aggressive Tour
Beartooth (OH), Every Time I Die (NY), Fit For A King (TX), and Old Wounds (NJ)
October 12th, 2016
The Regent Theater in Los Angeles, CA

Early in the evening people began to line Main Street in Downtown LA reppin ETID and Beartooth merch. The Aggressive Tour made its stop in LA last night at the Regent and brought the house down with some good ol’ hardcore sounds.

First band to greet the crowd was Old Wounds from New Jersey. Backed by metal hardcore sounds, this band was able to get the pit going for the night. It was nice to hear the lead salute classic punk influences like the Ramones, which had a lasting impression. Towards the end of their set the lead singer even jumped off the stage and made his way into the pit to join runners. Not a bad way to start the night.

The Fit For A King banner was raised and the band kicked off their metal-core set with lots of high kicks and spins. The pit started opening up a little more and fans were stoked. The band’s Christian undertones were apparent in the lyrics and they had people moving like crazy.

The entire crowd was wild as soon as Every Time I Die hit the stage.  They made sure that everyone was down to crowd surf and many jumped at the chance to join the band for a few moments before being thrown back. Their entire performance was insane and electric with band members jumping off amps and flying around all over the place. At one point even Brendon Urie from Panic! At the Disco joined them for a feature song, which was over way too soon.  Even I had to double take and ask myself who the guy in the black hoodie was.  Drips of sweat started hitting everyone towards the end of the set, which was an honor because the band really gave a huge performance. If you take anything from this review, take this: Listen to Low Teens.  If you haven’t listened to Low Teens yet, open your Spotify and start from the top because this is the latest and greatest from ETID.

Beartooth stepped things up to a whole other level once they hit the stage which is saying a lot for a band that followed Every Time I Die. Their second and most recent album Aggression, really embodies a true hardcore sound and kept the crowd going for the rest of the night. The pit was staying steady with moshers and the band did a great job of getting everyone involved. Horns were up everywhere and over all it was a show that shook the building.

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