Photos + Review: Beartooth at Mill City Nights (Minneapolis, MN)

Old Wounds (New Jersey), Fit For A King (Dallas, TX), Every Time I Die (Buffalo, NY), Beartooth (Columbus, OH)
October 4th, 2016
Mill City Nights in Minneapolis, MN.

What a good follow up to the Trivium show. Mill City Nights wasn’t as packed at the start of the show as it was for the start of the Trivium show, but by the time Every Time I Die and Beartooth came on the place was jam packed.

I will admit that Every Time I Die was the band I was mainly interested in seeing, but I got introduced to Beartooth through this show and I’m happy I did. On the hardcore metal scale, I would list Beartooth pretty low on that, but that’s not a negative thing, but rather a positive. Hardcore music has always seemed to get bogged down in trying to be to heavy for heavyness’ sake, and too focused on breakdowns. Beartooth has those moments, but they don’t back down from a catchy melody. I’ve had “The Lines” stuck in my head for a better part of a month now.

I read a lot about Beartooth being one of the most important metal bands in recent years, and I’m made a believer. Music’s good, live show is killer. Go see this band if you get a chance.

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