Photos + Review: Trivium at Mill City Nights (Minneapolis, MN)

Sabaton (Falun, SE), Huntress (Highland Park, CA), Trivium (Orlando, FL)
September 30, 2016
Mill City Nights in Minneapolis, MN

Oh Trivium, how I’ve missed you.

This was the fifth time for me seeing Matt Heafy and company, second this year, this time on their own headline tour. The first time seeing them was ten years ago, but feels more like a lifetime ago for how much has changed since then. One thing that has stayed the same through those years is I’ve always walked away incredibly impressed after each Trivium show.

Huntress and Sabaton supported Trivium on this tour, and judging reactions to those two bands you’d think either of them could have been the headliner. There were a ton of people already in Mill City Nights for Huntress, easily beat out any crowd at previous shows at the same venue earlier this year. One of the coolest things to see progress over the years seeing Trivium is the crowds. Started off at Station 4, a really bad venue all around, to The Cabooze which is marginally better than Station 4, and now to huge crowds at venues like Surf Ballroom and a sell out crowd at Mill City Nights.

Sabaton killed it. They’re a metal band from Sweden, and this was their first US tour. I had way more fun with their set than I thought I would. You could clearly sense how appreciative they were to the fan reaction, and just how much fun they were having playing here.

The only thing I don’t think went over well is Trivium playing Detonation tuned a half a step down like the rest of their songs. Songs like Entrance of the Conflagration, which they also played last night, sound great tuned down, as it did this night, but for some reason Detonation doesn’t translate as well. The show was intense otherwise. You get a pretty good view of the crowd and stage from up on the balcony and the crowd was definitely the rowdiest out of any Trivium show. The mosh pits were crazy, and Matt telling everybody to get low and jump around for the start of In Waves went over really cool and had an awesome pay off.

I still miss the days of 2009 Trivium, where the intensity shown was much more immense and the set lists were perfect. I miss Matt’s old screams and harsh vocals, but if Trivium keep putting on shows like this past Friday night, I’m more than willing to look past those minor shortcomings. I know I’ll still for sure be going to any future Trivium shows.

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