Photos + Review: Descendents at Hollywood Palladium (Los Angeles, CA)

Descendents (Manhattan Beach, CA), Modern Baseball (Philadelphia, PA), and Sharp Shock (Los Angeles, CA)
October 1st, 2016
Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, CA

This sold out show was one for the books. Manhattan Beach punk giants – The Descendents – laid it down at the Hollywood Palladium Saturday night. They were accompanied by Philadelphia’s very own Modern Baseball and Sharp Shock, which was an interesting mix. When I first heard that Modern Baseball would be opening for Descendents a few months back, the first image that popped into my head was all the dads standing around in the back while their sons moshed to Mobo. Regardless I knew it would be a great show because both of these bands are pioneers within their respective genres.

Sharp Shock, who was a last minute add on to the ballot started off the night. According to the show flyer, it was their second show ever. Their first album, Unlearn Everything provided the setlist for the band who was looking good on stage.

Modern Baseball soon meandered onstage, which was a relief because the night prior they had to cancel their show in Pomona on the account of singer/guitarist Brendan Lukens being hospitalized for illness. The band played what seemed like more songs from their latest release Holy Ghost, but overall it was a great mix and at the end we all got to dance/mosh to “Your Graduation,” which was cool. All of the interested looks from the Descendents crowd to all these kids singing along by heart was reassuring. I even spotted a few of them grooving along with MoBo. Although it wasn’t the best I have seen these guys perform live, I had to give Brendan props for making it through the night. At one point he even groaned, “Guys I’m so sick” but then jumped right into the next song. Overall it was a nice treat and as I left the venue later I high-fived and called out at all the kids repping their MoBo dog shirts.

I think it’s very appropriate that I am drinking a huge cup of coffee as I write this. The Descendents have definitely reminded their loyal fans that everything really does suck but as long as there is a coffee mug at hand it sucks less. Hypercaffium Spazzinate is Milo’s ode to his past life as a studious researcher turned punk rocker. 12 years was way too long but it was nice to see the relief in the fans because everyone was so excited to be there. As they walked out and graced the crowd (Bill even stuck his tongue out at me, it was awesome), thanked them for being there and then Milo yelled “THIS SONG IS CALLED EVERYTHING SUX” and it was all a giant party from there. Guys and girls of all ages were head-banging and moshing. Beer was thrown and shirts were waved above heads like helicopters. The entire set was a great variety of everything the guys have put out over the years.

Overall the whole night was an insane punk infused rage. Fans of all ages were brought together to party with the Descendents and the bands I’m sure they’ve inspired. Post show Sunset Blvd. never looked so good (insert rock hand emoji).

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