Photos + Review: Touché Amoré at the Fox Theater (Pomona, CA)

Touché Amoré (Los Angeles, CA), Hum (), and Balance and Composure (Doylestown, PA)
September 24th, 2016
The Fox Theater in Pomona, CA

Touché Amoré has done it again folks.  After releasing the gem of a record that is Stage Four they hit up The Fox Theater in Pomona.  Bringing along Balance and Composure and Hum the stage was set for an incredible night. 

Doylestown, PA sweethearts Balance and Composure started the night off.  They graced their set with songs from their upcoming record, Light We Made because as Jon put it “it’s 2016.”  The crowd was vibing along to every song and from the sounds of the few new ones we were treated to Light We Made will be a rad addition to their already impressive catalog.  I can’t wait to catch these guys again.

I had been wanting to see Hum for a long time and was stoked to finally get to. The band was the perfect quiet before the storm that is a Touché Amoré show. 

Touché Amoré hit the stage running per usual.  I love that the band can play venues like Chain Reaction or Los Globos with the same ferocity as venues like the Fox Theater.  They don’t lose a bit of steam regardless of what stage they’re on.  I love that.  And it’s not like it was the first time the band has played the Fox Theater but this was the first time they headlined it.   You guys, they KILLED it.   It was very cool to see so many fans scream the words to songs off of Stage Four with so much passion, especially since it’s so new.  Stage Four is beautiful and mixed in with those classic TA songs we all love so much, the whole show was perfect.   If you’ve yet to give Stage Four a proper listen, I suggest you change that immediately.  I’ll also never get tired of recommending you catch Touché Amoré live.   I’ve never left a Touché Amoré show without being in awe of their energy, their emotion, and their talent.  Those guys are a gift and you should treat yo self.

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