Photos + Review: Baroness at The Cabooze (Minneapolis, MN)

Baroness (Savannah, GA), Pallbearer (Little Rock, AR)
August 23, 2016
The Cabooze, in Minneapolis, MN

I have never shot a concert that had such bad and good lighting at the same time.

The worst shows are when the lighting is either behind the band pointing out, or in front pointing at them. Behind is bad because you’ll get a lot of silhouette shots, which can be cool, but no one wants to see a whole concert that way. Front is bad because if they’re too bright they’ll blow out the band members. Baroness played Tuesday night at the Cabooze instead of Varsity Theater and they had both going on. There wasn’t much stage facing lighting along with very bright lights behind the bands. Side shots of the bands turn out fine, but try to get a close up? They better be in a perfect spot or else they’ll block a light and give you a silhouette.

Another major complaint: making the space between the barrier and stage so small and placing box/crate things in that walkway was a bad and dumb idea. I tripped and fell over one of the boxes once and almost another two times going side to side trying to get good shots. Not a very safe set up, especially in a dark area.

Luckily the music was still fantastic. I’m not the biggest fan of the music Pallbearer played, the slower, grungy sounding kind of metal, but they played it well. It’s just hard for me to get into a whole set of songs that all around like 60-80 BPM. I was really excited for Baroness though. I was talking with a guy beforehand who said the last time he’d seen them was 12 years ago, which surprised me because I didn’t know they’ve been around that long. I don’t know Baroness’ catalog that well, so while listening through their set I was impressed by how consistent each song sounded to each other. Every song sounded to me like it could be on their new record Purple. Looking at it does look like they played a pretty well rounded set from all of their albums. I was hoping they would play “Swollen and Halo” and was a little disappointed they didn’t, but everything else was wonderful.

I’ve been to the Cabooze one other time, back in 2009, and didn’t really like it there then, still don’t like it much now. I was able to snag a seat on the balcony and just watch and take it all in, so the night was at least enjoyable in that way. Next time please keep the show at Varisty?

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