Photos + Review: Deftones at The Myth (St. Paul, MN)

Deftones (Sacramento, CA), Spotlights (Brooklyn, NY)
August 16th, 2016
The Myth In St. Paul, MN

Sevendust is one of those bands that when I actually researched them I realized I had known a bunch of their songs already, then realized that I’ve been listening to them for the better part of two decades, or pretty much my whole life. Deftones is one of those bands that fits that category too.

I can’t honestly say that I’ve been a big fan of Deftones to this point. They’ve always been around, I’ve listened to “Change (In the House of Flies)” a hundred times throughout the years on the radio and now Spotify. There’s the odd songs like “Korea” and “My Own Summer” which I really like too, which they played both of live to my excitement, but nothing to capture my interest enough to say they’re a favorite band.

I also knew they were a big band, one of the pioneers of the nu-metal genre, but I didn’t have a grasp on just how huge they were currently until considering attending the show at the Myth last night in St. Paul. It surprised me that the show was sold out, and then it hit me again when I got to the venue and saw how many people were there. I thought the Bullet for my Valentine show was packed last February at the Myth too; this was probably twice as many people.

The opening band was Spotlights and while I wasn’t the biggest fan of their music either (a bit too slow paced and melancholic sounding) but I imagine for many people who like Deftones they’d like Spotlight too. Deftones definitely killed it though. Their setlist was really good (confirmed by my friend I took with) and most impressively their energy level. Chino Moreno, the lead singer was jumping around everywhere, even climbing off the stage into the side raised standing room area with fans near the end of the show.

People love their Deftones. I wont question it anymore. It takes a special kind of band to be around for 20 years while staying relevant and keeping a huge dedicated fan base. Deftones proved that’s them last night.

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