Photos + Review: The Fall of Troy at The Nether Bar (Minneapolis, MN)

The Fall of Troy (Mukilteo, WA), Illustrations (San Antonio, TX), ’68 (Atlanta, GA)
August 14th, 2016
The Nether Bar of Mill City Nights in Minneapolis, MN

Can we have a redo of this show in a proper venue?

First, the venue itself was incredibly underwhelming. The show was supposed to be upstairs in the main room of Mill City Nights, but as of around a week ago they switch it to the basement of the place instead, what they call the Nether Bar. If you were to go to some random suburban house’s unfinished basement, it was be pretty close to the what the room looked like except add in a pretty nice looking bar on the side. Even the bassist of The Fall of Troy said that if felt “like being in our best friend’s basement.”

Second, the sound and lightning sucked. Bad lightning I’ll always give a pass just because for most people that aren’t me trying to take good pictures, lighting isn’t an issue. Sound though was unnecessarily loud and I could hardly make out the vocals. Have the music loud, sure, that’s fine, it is a metal show after all, but I’ve been to bar shows before and they weren’t as loud. I’m just glad I had my new ear plugs in.

Now that I’ve gotten the negative out of the way, I’m glad the positives were all focused around the bands. The opening bands were Illustrations and ‘68 (can’t forget the apostrophe), both impressive. Coming from someone that hadn’t listened to either before, Illustrations sounded more traditionally hardcore and were heavy as hell, while ‘68 was really interesting. They sounded like a more industrial version of Gojira, like if you were to combine Nine Inch Nails with Gojira. I was surprised that they were only two guys, a lead singer/ bassist and a drummer, but whatever they did to give themselves a full heavy sound definitely worked. The lead singer was pretty charismatic and funny too as the show went on.

Fall of Troy I have mixed feeling of because at first it felt like they were there to play music and get out and that’s it. I give them a pass on that because they were having sound difficulties when setting up which might have eaten into their set time which made them rush through their set. As it went on it did feel like they got more comfortable and slowed down some. They’re playing was impeccable and they played pretty much all the songs I was wanting them to like “An Ode to the Masochists,” “401K” and “FCPREMIX.” Their tech guy, Andy, asked to use my camera for awhile and got some good pictures around too, which was pretty cool. If you’re reading this, I’m glad you loved my camera.

For as much as I enjoyed the bands, I can’t help but be a little disappointed that they were put in a cramped little area, which didn’t really fit them style-wise. Fall of Troy seems like the kind of band that would benefit much more from a bigger area, proper stage, lighting, etc. But hey, a close, intimate show from a band like that? Chalk it up as just another one-of-a-kind experience.

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