Photos: Ghost at Myth Nightclub in Maplewood, MN

Ghost (Sweden) and Macabre (Chicago, IL)
July 28, 2016
Myth Nightclub in Maplewood, MN

Full Gallery: Ghost and Macabre

To quote a Ghost cover song; “If you have Ghosts, you have everything”. What do you have if you have five out of 6 members of Ghost?

This was my third time shooting the mysterious metal band from Sweden, each time with a new Papa, album, and new outfits for the Nameless Ghouls.

After moving from one end of the pit to another, grabbing photos of Papa, both guitarists, keyboardist and drummer, I could not track down the bass player. I kept shooting, but with an eye out for the visually missing member, but not audibly.

I have not found an official answer as to where the missing Ghoul (named Omega) is, or was for the show. I have heard they used a canned baseline at the show to fill in. I also heard Omega’s Visa did not go through and they hired a local person to play the bass from back stage.

The concert; regardless of the missing band member; was fantastic, as was the crowd. The present members of the band were as tight as I’ve seen them, and Papa’s second outfit of the evening allowed him to be a much more active performer.

The nuns that gave out communion during “Body and Blood” was pretty damn funny. The opening cords to Pink Floyd’s “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” to lead into one of the early songs as a great touch as well.

Ghost Set List:

Pinnacle to the Pit
Con Clavi Con Dio
Per Aspera Ad Inferi
Body and Blood
Devil Church
Year Zero
He Is
Mummy Dust
Ghuleh/Zombie Queen
If You Have Ghosts
Monstrance Clock

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