Photos + Review: Motion City Soundtrack at Varsity Theater (Minneapolis, MN)

Motion City Soundtrack (Minneapolis, MN), Light Years (Kent, OH), Have Mercy (Baltimore, MD)
June 24th, 2016
Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN

Prince, Bob Dylan, The Replacements. Those are the top tier artists for local bands here in Minnesota. Under them I’ve always considered Motion City Soundtrack to be one of the biggest local bands. I’ve known of them for a better part of a decade, never listening to them a ton, but respecting them nonetheless. Gotta support them local acts, ya know?

Motion City Soundtrack announced awhile back they were going to break up and put on one last farewell tour. It’s a pretty long tour with originally three dates here scheduled in Minneapolis. All three sold out so they added a fourth, and that one sold out as well. Pretty impressive and I wanted in on a piece of local music history, to be able to say I’ve seen Motion City Soundtrack in their hometown on one of their last shows.

I’ve always had a soft spot for pop-punk music (I’ve been wanting to find the perfect playlist of classic 00’s hits for years now) and this concert hit that spot for me. Light Years blew me away and was the perfect set up. Just a fun band to see live. Have Mercy was the second band and were a tiny bit of a let down. By all means they weren’t bad at all. They played their songs well and if you were a fan of the band you probably enjoyed seeing them. A lot of their songs were slower paced and I just couldn’t get into them entirely.

Motion City Soundtrack were as good as I hoped and expected. This was another one of those shows were it didn’t feel like just a band played their music, it felt more like a party with them happening to be playing. As I was walking around the venue it was hard not to get a big sense of everybody super happy to be there and enjoying themselves.

It was an awesome event to experience and I’m glad I can now say I’ve seen one of the big Minnesota bands live before they stopped.

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