Photos + Review: I The Mighty & Pierce The Veil at The Observatory (San Diego, CA)

I The Mighty (San Francisco, CA) and Pierce The Veil (San Diego, CA)
June 25th, 2016
The Observatory North Park in San Diego, CA

In support of their latest record, Misadventures, Pierce The Veil is currently on the road and have brought along San Francisco’s I The Mighty and Rancho Santa Margarita’s Movements.  The boys played to a sold out hometown crowd in San Diego Saturday night and it was LIT.

Movements kicked the night off and though I missed the majority of their set due to lack of parking and the huge lines to get inside, the guys sounded perfect.  Totally looking forward to when the guys are back in town to catch their set proper.

I The Mighty has become one of my favorite bands to catch live.  Every time I see these guys they are loads better than they were before and they have always been so good.  From the start of their set with “Lady of Death” to the end of their 9 song set the crowd was constantly in motion.  Fans had been asking for “The Dreamer” all night and when the band finally played it the energy in the room exploded.   Frontman Brent Walsh’s vocals were spot on and the way bassist Chris Hinkley can harmonize with him is impressive, especially in a live setting.  If you’ve been sleeping on I The Mighty you better wake the hell up.

Finally, Pierce the Veil hit the stage to the tune of a screaming sold out crowd.  Slated to play Misadventures in its entirety, everyone in the room knew what they were in for but that didn’t take away any of the excitement from the evening.   As soon as the first notes of “Dive In” made their way through the speakers the crowd lost their collective shit.  Tons of folks made their way to the barricade via crowdsurfing and the rest stayed in constant motion in the pit.  Even up in the balcony people were on their feet with their fists in the air and the energy in the room kept building.  Confetti was everywhere and when the guys began to play “The Divine Zero” I thought the building would explode.  Pierce the Veil played song after song like it was the first of the night.  These guys have their live show down pat and there’s never a boring moment especially with bassist Jaime Preciado.  The guy jumps, spins, hits the floor, and still has time to belt it out all while playing bass.  He’s a national treasure and should be treated as such.  Frontman Vic Fuentes is smooth as hell as he shreds and hits every note.  The last time I caught the band, Tony Perry was missing in action but it’s rad to see him kill it live with the guys again and how cool is drummer Mike Fuentes?  He hits those drums like they owe him money and still has time to engage the crowd.

I thought the crowd was entirely spent until the encore hit and the crowd gathered every last bit of energy they had left to sing along to “Bulls in the Bronx” and “King for a Day.”  It was like a damn circus at The Observatory North Park and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  Confetti, streamers, you name it it was all over the place and it was perfect.  Pierce the Veil have managed to nail their live shows continuously and The Misadventures Tour was no different.  Afterall, a band doesn’t become a staple in the scene by not being awesome, and that they most certainly are.

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