Photos + Review: Motion City Soundtrack at the House of Blues (San Diego, CA)

Microwave (Atlanta, GA), The Spill Canvas (Sioux Falls, SD), and Motion City Soundtrack (Minneapolis, MN)
May 14th, 2016
House of Blues in San Diego, CA

The House of Blues in San Diego was filled was nostalgia Saturday night as another one of our beloved bands is bidding adieu.  After an incredible almost 20 year run, Motion City Soundtrack are leaving us with one last tour and a handful of festival dates.  I knew the So Long, Farewell Tour was going to be emotional but then they added Microwave and The Spill Canvas to the bill and holy crap I knew I would be in for a whirlwind.

I had been dying to catch Microwave for quite some time and their set did not disappoint.  Frontman Nathan Hardy’s mix of clean and gritty vocals sounded incredible live.  I had heard so much about the band and was a bit nervous that they wouldn’t live up to all the praise.  I was so stoked to find the hype is real.  Do yourself a favor, and check out Microwave.

In my high school days I listened to The Spill Canvas constantly.  Even so I only ever saw the band play once at a Warped Tour one summer.  I was so stoked to get to catch the band live but to finally get to shoot them was a dream come true.  They kicked their set off with “The Truth” and the nostalgia hit me.  Their setlist was jam packed full of fan favorites that included “All Over You,” “Polygraph, Right Now,” and “Lust A Prima Vista” among others.  It was so nice to see Nick Thomas back in action and although the band is featuring a new lineup, The Spill Canvas are as good as they ever were, maybe even better.  It was a blast singing along to their songs with so many others.  I know it wasn’t just me that was wishing their set had been longer.  I can’t wait to catch these guys again.

Motion City Soundtrack didn’t become a staple in the alternative music scene without effort, though they make it seem that way.  Every record they’ve put out has been an absolute gem.  Every show they play is loads of fun.  So many people have the band to thank for getting them through countless shitty times and were a soundtrack for great times with friends as well.  So how do you exactly send off a band that has always been there?  San Diego did it by singing as loud as they possible could.

It was so bittersweet to catch the final show Motion City Soundtrack will play in San Diego.  I knew the guys would pull out all the stops -per usual, but there was something so final about this show it was almost hard to enjoy.  But then again, it’s so hard to not have a great time at a Motion City Soundtrack show that inevitably I was in the crowd singing my lungs out with so many other diehard fans.  They kicked their set off with “Back to the Beat” and went into “Cambridge,” then “Capital H.”  Then they hit us with that one-two punch that was “Her Words Destroyed My Planet” and “True Romance.”  The crowd was definitely comprised of folks in their late twenties, early thirties but I swear we were all 17 as we sang along to “Time Turned Fragile,” “L.G. Fuad,” and “My Favorite Accident.”  The guys were all smiles as they played jam after jam.  I thought as a crowd we had given them all we had but then for an encore they played “Even If It Kills Me,” “When You’re Around,” and “The Future Freaks Me Out” and I thought the House of Blues would explode.  I had never heard a crowd so loud in the venue.  It was the perfect send off.


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