Photos + Review: Into It. Over It. at the TLA (Philadelphia, PA)

Pinegrove (Montclair, NJ), The Sidekicks (Columbus, OH), The World is a Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid to Die (Willimantic, CT), and Into It. Over It. (Chicago, IL)
April 24th, 2016
Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia, PA

As I was making my way into the venue I walked past Evan from Pinegrove outside doing vocal warm-ups.  A few minutes later, him and the rest of the band walked on stage and opened up with “Angelina.”  They went on to play a mix of old songs and songs from my favorite album of 2016 so far, Cardinal.  Their sound is so refreshing.  It’s the perfect mix between country, folk, emo, etc.  Pinegrove closed with one of their most upbeat songs, “New Friends,” and everyone in the crowd who knew them sang along.  It was a great way to start the night.

Next up was the self-proclaimed “Best Rock Band in America” (which they might actually be), The Sidekicks.  They started with the first two songs from Runners in the Nerved World, “Hell is Warm” and “Everything in Twos,” before going into a few more from that album.  I’m so used to seeing The Sidekicks in small venues that barely have a stage that I wasn’t sure what they would be like in a huge venue like the TLA, but it was still every bit as amazing.  They are so exciting to watch that it’s pretty much impossible to take your eyes off the stage.  They went into some older songs from Awkward Breeds before Evan from Into It. Over It. joined them on stage for a killer cover of “People Who Died.”  The Sidekicks never fail to put on an incredible live show.

Next was The World Is a Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid to Die.  I’m not as familiar with their music, but they sounded fantastic.  Their lighting setup was very minimal and created an atmospheric environment on stage, which matched perfectly with their sound and contributed to the overall experience of their set.  The World Is can be heavy at times and quiet and calming at others, so the complexity of their music draws me in.

Finally, Into It. Over It. took the stage.  Evan Weiss came out alone at first for a beautiful solo performance of “Anchor” before the rest of the band joined him on stage.  I’ve seen Into It. Over It. both with and without a full band, and both have been equally as great. Weiss is an incredible songwriter and puts so much into every song.  During some stage banter, a fan in the crowd yelled something out and it turned out it was his sixth time attending a show on this tour.  Weiss told him to come up on stage and the whole crowd chanted his name, to which he said was his worst nightmare, but it was still an awesome thing to do.  The band played some more songs from the past few years before ending with “Midnight: Carroll Street.”  Into It. Over It. is so good to listen to, but even better live.  I would definitely recommend coming out to one of the remaining shows on this tour!


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