Photos + Review: Citizen at The Irenic (San Diego, CA)

Turnover (Virginia Beach, VA), and Citizen (Toledo, OH/Detroit, MI)
March 24th, 2016
The Irenic in San Diego, CA


I arrived at The Irenic as Turnover took the stage. They had a very chill indie/emo vibe so there wasn’t a great deal of movement in the crowd with the exception of lots of head bobbing and a few people swaying their bodies to the beat. They played the type of melodic tracks that I enjoy listening to on relaxing night drives. I’m currently kicking myself for not having listened to this band earlier because I really dug their sound. That’s one of the great things about going to shows, you can be introduced to bands and really get a feel for how they sound and the energy they give off.


After the crowd had crammed themselves as close to the stage as humanly possible, Citizen began to play. They started with “The Summer,” a track from their first studio album titled Youth, which they played all but 2 tracks of.


The crowd was restless as they pushed and shoved, creating a collective swaying motion. There was no lack of crowd surfers, but the band and security were there to make sure they were okay. At one point Mat Kerekes, the band’s singer, helped a girl who was being squished up front. She got out, drank some water provided by security, and dove right back into the craziness. The band constantly asked if the crowd was doing alright, seeing all the shoving and surfers landing hard on the stage.


It’s amazing what this passionate audience was willing to withstand in order to scream along to their favorite songs, but fighting to stand in the middle of a rowdy crowd is just the norm for a Citizen show. The band’s raw emotional sound makes them great to see live, even if you’re surrounded by sweaty people.


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