Photos + Review: Underoath at The Novo (Los Angeles, CA)

Underoath (Tampa, FL)
March 27th, 2016
The Novo in Los Angeles, CA

The stars finally aligned for all of us Underoath fans.  Since their farewell tour had left out Los Angeles they made sure to hit LA properly on their Rebirth tour.  Announcing a secret show at Self-Help fest in San Bernardino a few days prior, the band managed to sell out The Fonda (the first set location) in just a few days.  The demand for the show was so high that they moved it to The Novo (former Club Nokia) and sold it out in the days that followed.  Once Caspian was announced as support it was ON.

In all of my excitement I completely forgot the show was set on Easter Sunday.  Not a very big deal except for the massive traffic I completely overlooked.  Then of course the lot I usually park in was closed so by the time I found a relatively affordable one ($25 for parking, no thanks), I had to run a few blocks to The Novo.  Luckily I made it about 10 minutes to Underoath’s set time.  Most fans planned accordingly.  I learned some folks had gotten in line as early as 10 AM.  Extremely reasonable when Underoath is set to play They’re Only Chasing Safety and Define the Great Line in their entirety.

As promised, they hit the stage to “Young and Inspiring,” the first track of They’re Only Chasing Safety.  Beautiful, albeit blinding lights bathed them for the first minute or so of their set.  Once our eyes adjusted everything was peachy.   I’ve never heard folks sing so loud.  With fists in the air the crowd helped finish off the first song with the brilliant “this is my panic, this is my call to arms.”  It was RAD and the energy only picked up from there.  The band had the biggest smiles on their faces and it was honestly hard not to be so stoked with the clinic of a show that was going on.  We were all losing our minds, totally “feeling free, feeling FREE.”  With all the motion in the venue, “The Blue Note” came as a chance to recharge our batteries as we all knew “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door” was coming and anything anyone might be holding back would be released at the exact moment.  It was rough in the pit.  A bunch of crowd surfers made their way to the front and even in the areas outside of the general pit people were going HAM.  Of course the “drowning in my sleep, I’m drowning in my sleep” part of the show has by now saturated any social media you may be on.  But seeing the venue lit up with lighters and phone lights was beautiful.  “Down, Set, Go” was another high point of the show, as the band noted that before the Rebirth tour they had never played it.  I’ve always had a soft spot for “I Don’t Feel Very Receptive Today” so getting to lose my shit to that live was incredible.  They finished out the record and the crowd was drenched in sweat and visually spent.  We had a couple of minutes to regroup before the band came back on stage for Define The Great Line.  Armed with video projectors, we were treated to a small intro before “In Regards to Myself” begins.

Everything else after seemed like a blur to me.  I am absolutely floored how Aaron Gillespie manages to sound so incredible while absolutely killing it on drums.  Chamberlain is a hell of a frontman and don’t even get me started on Billy Nottke on keys.  That guy oozes more energy than I will probably ever have in my entire life.  Timothy McTague is epic on guitar and James Smith and Grant Brandell are solid.  I know most folks would echo my sentiments when I say that it’s not every band that can emotionally overwhelm and engross us simultaneously.  They just don’t make ’em like they used to.   I know I don’t have to tell you but please drop whatever it is you are doing and go catch the Rebirth Tour.  I’m so genuinely happy the guys are back and am looking forward to what they do in the future.  Welcome back Underoath!  And thank you so much for having me Monica, you’re an absolute gem!





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