Photos + Review: Finish Ticket & Vinyl Theatre at the House of Blues (San Diego, CA)

Vinyl Theatre (Milwaukee, WI) and Finish Ticket (Alameda, CA)
March 21st, 2016
House of Blues in San Diego, CA

The Ones to Watch tour stopped at the House of Blues in San Diego bringing along Finish Ticket and Vinyl Theatre for a night of fun and danceable tunes.

Vinyl Theatre hit the stage first.  Vocalist Keegan Calmes hid behind some stacked boxes with the band’s logo on it for half of their set before coming out and channeling all his energy into a performance as colorful as his teal hair. The first few songs were mellow and melodic but they gradually worked their way up to higher energy tracks including the fan favorite “Breaking Up My Bones,” which the audience went crazy dancing around to. It was catchy and upbeat and I’ve had it playing on repeat since I heard it that night. I found myself constantly being drawn to the keyboardist who kept up the same energy throughout the whole set, jumping and whipping his head to the music. They are still a fairly new band but having gone on tour with Twenty One Pilots has probably introduced them to many of their current fans. I actually found Keegan’s voice to be a bit similar to that of Tyler Joseph’s. Their set consisted mostly of songs off their debut album, Electrogram, which came out in late 2014 under Fueled by Ramen Records. They played a new song during the show but have not released anything since their album, so I will definitely be keeping a close eye in anticipation of some new tunes to add to my “good vibes” playlist. If you’re into indie rock and synthpop I would recommend giving these guys a listen.

Finish Ticket played last, entering the stage with no sign of slowing down the energy in the room. Right off the bat I thought frontman Brendan Hoye slightly resembled Panic! At the Disco’s Brendon Urie, probably due to their hairstyle. Name twins AND hair twins, go figure! The guys had the audience swaying with the same energy that they showed strutting about the stage. People were especially eager to dance and sing along to a cover of The Killers’ song “When You Were Young.” Another song that was popular among the audience was their song “Color,” a definite feel-good jam that made it very difficult to stand still without at least bobbing your head along to the music. This band too has played with Twenty One Pilots, opening for them and Echosmith on their most recent tour in the fall of last year. They have also performed in support of other notable acts including The Strokes, Ed Sheeran, and The Black Keys. Their experience is evident in the way they interact with the crowd and provide them with a real captivating show. They ended the night with the song “Doctor,” which I had to look up as soon as I got home because the chorus was stuck in my head the entire car drive there. I had a really enjoyable night having only previously known a few of their songs, and I can absolutely see myself catching another one of their concerts in the future.

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