Photos: I The Mighty, Glassjaw, & Coheed and Cambria at Hollywood Palladium (Los Angeles, CA)

I The Mighty (San Francisco, CA), Glassjaw (Long Island, NY), and Coheed and Cambria (New York, NY)
March 22nd, 2016
Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, CA

The Color Before The Sun tour made an epic stop at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles friends.  Silver Snakes, I The Mighty, Glassjaw, and Coheed and Cambria played epic sets to a full house.  I missed Silver Snakes -thank you Los Angeles traffic for depriving me of another incredible band but made it just in time to catch I The Mighty play a RAD set.  I The Mighty is the band of dreams.  Every time I catch this band they blow me away.  Brent Walsh has the voice of a damn angel and I’m pretty sure Ian Pedigo is a wizard with the way he plays guitar.  Chris Hinkley and Blake Dahlinger are absolutely the glue that hold it all together, both are solid and so fun to watch live.  More I The Mighty please.

Glassjaw is perfect.  They began their set with “Tip Your Bartender” and all hell broke loose.  Not sure what it is about Glassjaw that makes people go nuts but it always happens.  For example, this time a fan was so hyped with what was going on that he managed to climb onto the stage, jump onto the speaker and then take his clothes off.  He was able to break frontman Daryl Palumbo’s graceful concentration enough for him to crack up and go right back to screaming his lungs out.  The venue’s security had the situation handled before most in attendance had even processed the event.  But with a set as awesome as the one Glassjaw puts on it’s extremely easy to forget.

Finally, Coheed and Cambria hit the stage bathed in the most incredible lighting.  They began the soft beginning of “Ghost” to the tune of everyone in attendance.  The band wasted little time and continued to rip through their setlist clearly feeding off the energy of the crowd.  I wasn’t sure it could get any wilder until the energy in the venue peaked when they began “A Favor House Atlantic.”  The crowd was a blur during the almost 4 minute track.  I had never seen the band before but I totally understand why fans drove hours just to catch the show.  The whole experience is grand.  The Color Before The Sun plays incredible live and the rest of their discography is no exception.  Do yourself a solid and get out to this tour.  You are in for an incredible time.

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