Photos + Review: Unwritten Law at The Glass House (Pomona, CA)

Bad Cop Bad Cop (SF-OC-LA/Peeedro), Guttermouth (Huntington Beach, CA), and Unwritten Law (San Diego, CA)
March 9th, 2016
The Glass House in Pomona, CA

Unwritten Law kicked off their first night of tour in anticipation of their upcoming acoustic record aptly named, Acoustic.  They graced Pomona with their presence bringing along Bad Cop Bad Cop and Guttermouth to The Glass House.

Bad Cop Bad Cop hit the stage first and were a mighty dose of girl power.  I loved their energy and their bassist was super fun to watch.

Guttermouth are legends.  These guys literally hit the stage running.  They blazed through their way too short set with help from their very enthusiastic fans.  More Guttermouth please.

Fans were just about wading in their anticipation when Unwritten Law hit the stage.  They began their set with “Teenage Suicide” to the tune of everyone in attendance.  But the energy just about burst at The Glasshouse when they began to play “Seein’ Red.”  The band seemed to be pulling out all the stops.  Even so, they had time to throw in Fugazi’s “Waiting Room” during the bridge of “Lonesome” which was awesome.  They also treated us to “I Like the Way” and “Rest of My Life” acoustically as a teaser for what we can expect on their upcoming record.  It was RAD.  They picked up the speed in their set again with “She Says” and didn’t slow down again after that.  The crowd was off their feet all night and the band definitely brought their A-game.  After all, with a track record like the one Unwritten Law has maintained for the last 25 years or so, fans wouldn’t expect anything less.  After watching the band’s set I totally understand why they’ve become such a staple in the scene.  They band is as solid as ever and if you haven’t caught the band live in a while, the time is now friends.  Dates are here.


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