Photos+Review: Doyle at Brick By Brick (San Diego, CA)

They Feed At Night (San Diego, CA) and Doyle (Lodi, NJ)
November 15th, 2015
Brick By Brick in San Diego, CA

In 2013 Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein left from the shadows of the Misfits fronted by his older brother and horror punk legend Jerry Only to embark in his own solo project.  He partnered up with Cancerslug frontman Alex Story A.K.A. Wolfman and independently released Abominator, which he distributed through his own Monsterman Records.  He has been touring heavily in support of what I think is just a brilliant album, a heavy and raw explosion of power chords, bleeding vocals, and haunting drum beats courtesy of Ex-Misfits’ the Abominable Dr. Chud.

The album opens with a powerful screeching scream that seems fitting to the bloodiest of slasher films and continues to depict the most romantically horrifying tale fitting of its genre right until the end.  Just as the album revealed itself to be an unexpected masterpiece of power and gore, so did the show.  Doyle performed at Brick by Brick here in San Diego to a less than sold out crowd…much to the crowd’s loss.  Ahead of them a few local bands warmed up the stage including Chamber Sixx, A New Challenger Approaches, and my favorite They Feed at Night  -San Diego’s own Death-Rock band fronted by Errol Fritz , El Ramon on Bass, and Rick Calvin on drums.

Alex Story delivered a brilliant theatrical performance. He perfectly brought the lyrics to life and projected his energy onto each of the spectators making sure to involve each and every one of us right up to the end.  He screamed, grunted, and threw himself onto the crowd posing as such an opposite to the composed and mysteriously intriguing Doyle, who stole the show with his powerful riffs as and heavy chords but spoke no words, allowing his music alone to take center stage.  I could tell you that in Doyle you see the resemblance of Danzig, early Misfits and even a little Rob Zombie but in doing so I would be taking away the originality of Doyle who on the record as well as a live show truly lives up to pure horror punk magnificence.

Highlights of the shows were “Abominator”…the song is so powerful it just sucks you in from the very start, “Valley Of Shadows,” “Cemetery Sex,” and of course “Die Die Die My Darling.”  As well as the fact that at this venue you are about a foot away from the stage makes the performance both intimate and surreal.

Setlist :

Learn To Bleed
Valley Of Shadows
Queen Wasp
Ghouls Night Out
Head Hunter
Dreaming Dead Girls
Love Like Murder
Green Hell
Mark Of The Beast
Cemetery Sex
Drawing Down The Moon
Last Caress
Die Die Die My Darlin
Hope Hell Is Warm

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