Photos + Review: Lydia at World Cafe Live (Philadelphia, PA)

The Technicolors (Phoenix, AZ), Turnover (Virginia Beach, VA), Seahaven (Torrance, CA), and Lydia (Gilbert, AZ)
October 3rd, 2015
World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA

Saturday night I went to one of the best tours of the year: Lydia, Seahaven, Turnover, and The Technicolors.  Opening up the show was The Techinicolors.  They’re the only band on the bill whose music I’m not too familiar with, but they blew me away.  They have a huge rock and roll sound and were a great way to start the night.

Turnover’s setlist consisted solely of songs off their 2015 release, Peripheral Vision. That album has a special nostalgic feel to it and it translates to their live show as well.  There’s so much emotion in Turnover’s music that it’s hard not to feel a connection to it.  They ended their set with “Cutting My Fingers Off” and their fans in attendance pushed up to the front to scream every word.  It was an incredible set.

Seahaven has been pretty inactive for most of the year so far, so I was excited to finally see them again.  They opened with “It’s Over” and then played a mix of old and new favorites, as well as a new song called “Lost.”  Seahaven reminds me a lot of Brand New at times, especially in their ability to go from dark, heavy songs to slower songs so seamlessly.  At first I thought it was a little weird that they were on the same tour as Lydia because their genres are so different, but I loved the mix.

I’ve been a fan of Lydia for about seven years, but I’ve never seen them live before this show so I didn’t really know what to expect.  The band came out to a beautifully set up stage with blue lights that created a dream-like atmosphere, which was like a visual representation of their sound.  It felt like I was completely transported to a different space and it set a mood to make their set even more enjoyable.  After playing some songs off their latest record, Run Wild -which sounded amazing live, they played older gems like “Hospital” and “This Is Twice Now.”  Their vocalist, Leighton Antelman has such a unique and soothing voice that I could probably listen to forever.  Lydia played a lengthy set before closing the night with “Assailants.”  It was a perfect show that was definitely worth the seven-year wait.

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