Photos: Four Year Strong and Defeater at SOMA (San Diego, CA)

Leave the Universe (San Diego, CA), My Iron Lung (San Diego, CA), Expire (Milwaukee,WI), Defeater (Boston, MA), and Four Year Strong (Worcester, MA)
September 15th, 2015
SOMA in San Diego, CA

A few hundred San Diego music fans made their way down to SOMA on a Tuesday night to see Four Year Strong, Defeater, Expire, and My Iron Lung.

When I first walked into the venue around 6:40, I saw about 20 people in the side stage room and instantly thought the show would be a bust. However, as show time approached, people slowly began to fill up the room. The opening band was Leave the Universe from right here in San Diego. I had seen this band’s name in local shows and the San Diego date of Warped Tour, but had never actually gotten the chance to see them live until now. They all came out sporting their signature glowing raver goggles and got the crowd warmed up with some really fun tunes and great stage presence. This female vocal-led group really caught my eye. I gotta say, don’t sleep on these guys. They recently came out with a music video for their song “Just Let Go” that you can check out here:

By My Iron Lung’s set the room looked pretty full, but there was still plenty of breathing space. There was some activity in the pit, but for the most part the crowd was fairly relaxed and I was able to easily maneuver the crowd to get some pictures.

Then came Expire. The crowd really went crazy for these guys. There was lots of moshing, crowd surfing, and stage diving. Which I was perfectly fine with, until someone stage dived on me and I broke their fall. The first thing I checked was if my camera was okay and from then on I was super careful looking out for flying bodies. Trying to ignore my pounding head, I enjoyed the rest of this set from the sidelines.

I decided to brave the crowd once again for Defeater’s set. I felt very strong emotion coming from the shouted vocals. The fans up front were super into it and people were screaming along to the lyrics and even going on stage to sing along with the vocalist.

Lastly, Four Year Strong made their intro with a person in a zebra-patterned morphsuit and a creepy mask. Then they began playing and the nearly full sidestage started to rage. The high energy set got everyone jumping around and totally stoked. Singing along to songs that I was obsessed with in my freshman year of high school was a real flashback, but I also enjoyed listening to the new music from their self-titled album that was released in early June. Check it out if you haven’t already!

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