Photos + Review: Awolnation at the House of Blues (San Diego, CA)

Awolnation (Los Angeles, CA)
June 3rd, 2015
House of Blues in San Diego, CA

Awolnation brought their Run Tour to San Diego Wednesday night, promoting their 2nd album being released.  I’ve been a fan of the band since 2011 when their first album, Megalithic Symphony was released that featured their international super hit “Sail.”  I’ll admit that I attended this show with very high and biased expectations.

If you plan on attending an Awolnation gig and expect the entire show to sound like “Sail,” you’ll be very disappointed.  Their sound is one of the hardest to pin down to a specific genre.  Right after they explode your mind with songs that can be described as hardcore pop like “Hollow Moon” and “KOOKSEVERYWHERE!!!” (Yes, that is the actual name) they’ll then proceed to melt your heart with songs like “Holly Rollers.”

The entire set was a non-stop party all the way from the railing to the back of the venue, where even the bar-goers were hanging out.  The extremely heavy drumming and massive waves of bass synths made for a show that would stick with any Awolnation fan or music lover.  Especially for those who enjoy hearing a sound completely original, which has become more and more rare as time goes on and more music is being made.  If you’re into thoughtful, heavy and raw lyrics, mixed with some the most intense and often uncomfortable sounds on the mainstream today, definitely check into Awolnation coming to a venue near you.  Or if you haven’t already done so, check out the new album Run. It will without a doubt be on my list for albums of the year.

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