Photos: The Story So Far at Webster Hall (New York, NY)

The Story So Far (Walnut Creek, CA), Four Year Strong (Worcester, MA), Terror (Los Angeles, CA), Souvenirs (Carpinteria, CA)
May 21st, 2015
Webster Hall in New York, NY

Thursday night I went to The Story So Far’s sold out show at Webster Hall and it was a blast!  First up was Souvenirs, who I’ve never heard before but impressed me with a killer set!  Next, Terror came on. They’re so energetic and passionate and the crowd didn’t stop moving the entire set.  This show didn’t have a barricade so fans got to stage dive non-stop!  Four Year Strong is a band that’s been around for what seems like forever so it was cool to see such a wide range of ages and old and new fans that were all able to sing along to every song.  The mix between Dan’s and Alan’s voices is flawless!  They’re always so fun to watch.  Lastly was The Story So Far.  This happened to be vocalist Parker Cannon’s birthday so the set was extra special!  They played a mix of old songs like “680 South” to new songs from their self-titled album that just came out (which will probably end up being one of my favorite albums of the year).  The Story So Far is incredible live and I would definitely try to make it out to a remaining show on the tour!

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