Photos: Azealia Banks at Irving Plaza (New York, NY)

Azealia Banks (Harlem, NY)
May 11th, 2015
Irving Plaza in New York, NY

Monday night I saw Azealia Banks at her sold out hometown show at Irving Plaza.  The lights went out and hundreds of people started chanting “Azealia” until she finally hit the stage and blew everyone away.  She can rap, she can sing, she can dance… I’m not sure if there’s anything she can’t do.  Her loyal fan base were also singing along and dancing to every song and neither theirs nor Azealia’s energy let up one bit throughout the show.  During “Miss Amor,” Banks had stopped in the middle to break up a fight between fans but she did not let that faze her! She still came out for an encore and closed with fan favorite, “212.”  Azealia Banks knows how to put on a killer live show!

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