Photos: Team* and Cartel at The Glass House (Pomona, CA)

Driver Friendly (Austin, TX), Team* (Dallas, TX), and Cartel (Atlanta, GA)
May 8th, 2015
The Glass House in Pomona, CA

A lot of fantastic albums are turning 10 this year and one of those is Cartel’s Chroma.  Released in 2005, the record has become a favorite of many 20-something emo fans.  So in Chroma‘s honor the band hit the road with Driver Friendly and Team* for a packed show at The Glass House in Pomona.  I missed the first band of the night when I ran into some traffic from LA and got in a few minutes before Driver Friendly’s set started.  I had caught these guys when they were on tour with Motion City Soundtrack a while back and was stoked to catch them again.  A Driver Friendly set is anything but boring.  These guys play with tons of energy and their songs are so catchy you’ll find yourself singing along in no time!  Plus they threw in a cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” that the crowd couldn’t help but sing along to.  They were the perfect set up for Team*.  I had never heard of Team* before but their jams made me wish I would have so much sooner.  They played a fantastic set that was tons of fun to watch.  After all, these guys are no strangers to a live show.  The band features members from Forever the Sickest Kid so their excellent show came as no surprise.  Though their feel-good indie rock sound stood out from the rest of the line up, the crowd received the band warmly.   It was nice to hear some melodic tunes before Cartel went on and everyone’s feelz got out of control.  Cartel hit the stage to a cloud of smoke and ecstatic fans.  They jumped straight into Chroma with “Say Anything (Else)” and the crowd sang right along to each and every word.  They played the record in its entirety ending with “A” to the tune of everyone in attendance.  It was beautiful to witness.  Another awesome moment of the night was hearing Will Pugh slay “Save Us.” He sounded fantastic and though it was the chillest moment of the night it was definitely one of the best parts of the set.  After they finished Chroma they came out for a 4 song encore that included some fan favorites from their self-titled record, Cycles, and In Stereo. Overall it was a great show, one that you definitely shouldn’t miss if it hits a city near you. Dates are here.


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