Photos + Review: Tennis at the Irenic (San Diego, CA)

The Shilohs (Vancouver, BC) and Tennis (Denver, CO)
May 2nd, 2015
The Irenic in San Diego, CA

More photos by Anthony Guinnip here.

This weekend, beloved indie-pop band Tennis, helped San Deagans start their summers a little early as good music and good vibes filled the Irenic. With a fantastic discography behind them, including last year’s Ritual in Repeat, it was no surprise that the group sold out yet another show of their spring tour.

To help get things started, Canada’s very own The Shilohs, opened with a set of catchy and charismatic tunes. Tennis’ Alaina Moore even joined the band for a duet towards the end of the set; a heartwarming display of friendship that just put everyone in the room in a good mood.

After a brief intermission, Tennis came out to a crowd of ecstatic fans. With songs like “Never Work For Free” and “Needle And A Knife” to kick things off, the band was able to put a smile on every attendee’s face as folks of all ages and sizes danced along to the infectious songs.

The Irenic, a neighborhood venue in the heart of SD, is a functioning church on Sundays, a fact that Moore joked about when discussing her turtle neck ensemble, saying she didn’t want to risk getting smitted by the lord.

The rest of the set was practically perfection, from the old favorite “Marathon” to the Young and Old opener, “It All Feels The Same,” to their Small Sound E.P. standout, “Mean Streets,” to my personal favorite, “I’m Callin'” – I was actually in disbelief that the show was ending as soon as it did.

Luckily the group came back out for an encore, playing “My Better Self” with the full band and then stripping down to just vocals and guitar for the demo version of the track, “Bad Girls,” a refreshingly intimate moment between the husband-and-wife duo.

Tennis will be touring the U.S. for the rest of the month, but don’t sleep on tickets, these shows are selling out fast! Check out tour dates + tickets at

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