Photos: Enter Shikari at TLA (Philadelphia, PA)

I The Mighty (San Francisco, CA), A Lot Like Birds (Sacramento, CA), Stray From The Path (Long Island, NY), Enter Shikari (St. Albans, England)
April 4th, 2015
TLA in Philadelphia, PA

This weekend I got a chance to see Enter Shikari, Stray From The Path, A Lot Like Birds, and I The Mighty at the TLA.  I The Mighty and A Lot Like Birds opened the show with fantastic sets.  Following them was Stray From The Path.  As fellow Long Islanders, it’s hard not to like them.  They played a super energetic set, including a killer cover of “Blitzkrieg Bop” by The Ramones.  Shortly after, the countdown began for Enter Shikari.  As every minute went by, fans were getting more and more excited until finally the band came out.  They sounded amazing and were so captivating and fun to watch.  As I was walking out of the photo pit, I felt someone behind me and it was vocalist, Rou Reynolds, making his way to the bar where he would end up singing the rest of the song.  Enter Shikari is such an exciting band and I would definitely recommend seeing them on this tour before they head back to the UK!


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