Photos: Echosmith at the House of Blues (San Diego, CA)

The Colourist (Newport Dunes, CA) and Echosmith (Los Angeles, CA)
March 29th, 2015
House of Blues in San Diego, CA

The House of Blues in San Diego was jam packed with a more youthful crowd on Sunday.  Eagerly anticipating the alternative sounds of Echosmith, playing their first headline tour and The Colourist.  San Diego was the last date of their tour and they definitely did not hold back, driving the crowd to a near frenzy.

The Colourist, known for their hit single, “Little Games” brought new music to the table and had their fair share of devoted fans. The voices of Adam Castilla and Maya Tuttle, of the band Paper Thin Walls, brought their own unique sound due to the dual male and female vocal input in the songs, almost reminiscent of the first xx album. We will definitely be hearing about them throughout 2015, and as a huge alternative presence in the future.

Echosmith, being the “Cool Kids” that they are, came out fashionably late and with a bang.  However, they met every standard as a strong touring act, moving along the stage with ease and bantering with the crowd.  The vocals of Sydney Sierota were especially strong, and were highlighted in the song “Bright” an acoustic sounding crowd favorite.  They even sought to set two people up in the crowd, a highlight of the night.  Echosmith will be back in San Diego this year, supporting twenty-one pilots at SDSU Open Air Theatre, so if you missed them on their spring headline tour, they will be back in the fall!


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