Photos: The Color Morale at SOMA (San Diego, CA)

Everyone say hey to our new San Diego photo friend Janeth Gomez!  She will be bringing you photos of some of the awesome shows happening in the San Diego music scene.  Welcome to the Mezzic team Janeth!

Voidlines (San Diego, CA), Alive Like Me (Eugene, OR), Vanna (Boston, MA), Slaves (Sacramento, CA), and The Color Morale (Rockford, IL)
March 28th, 2015
SOMA in San Diego, CA

The Hold On Pain Ends tour came around to San Diego at Soma in the intimate and locally loved side stage. Local band, Voidlines warmed the crowd up for the touring bands: Alive Like Me, Vanna, Slaves, and The Color Morale. Alive Like Me lit up the room with their upbeat tunes and vocals. Vanna got the crowd moving around and rowdy followed by Slaves whose frontman Jonny Craig blew everyone away with his vocal range and passionate stage presence. Last came the headliners, The Color Morale. I have never seen anyone connect with their fans in the way that lead singer Garret Rapp did at this show. In between songs he would go off on little heartfelt speeches that demonstrated how much love he has for this music scene, stating that the concertgoers were not fans, but a family. Nearing the end of the show, he and Devin King joined the audience at ground level to play an acoustic song with the crowd. Before beginning the song Garret stated, “every band that’s played on this stage, every band that’s ever played in this room, there has never been a rockstar in here,” having previously declared that while bigger venues are fun, this small stage was home. The emotion present in not only the band, but the crowd, left me wanting more. If you get the chance to attend a date on this tour, don’t hesitate! You are in for a truly remarkable experience.

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