Festival Photos + Review: MusInk 2015 at The OC Fair & Event Center (Costa Mesa, CA)

MusInk 2015
The Interrupters (CA), Sick of it All (NY), Rancid (CA), Bad Religion (CA), YelaWolf (AL), and Blink-182 with Matt Skiba (CA)
March 20-22nd, 2015
The OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa, CA

MusInk Festival came and went again friends!  The annual Music and Ink festival presented by Travis Barker hit The OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa this past weekend.  The sold out fest had everything you could have imagined!  The tattoo expo was double the size of it last year featuring over 300 of the world’s best artists.  The music alone was enough to bring out fans in droves.  But if that wasn’t enough you also had a bunch of beautiful classic cars to ogle, the Miss MusInk contest to cast a vote in, and beers to drink.

The music was split into 3 days.  Day 1 had The Interrupters, Sick of it All, and Rancid playing.  I had caught The Interrupters once at a Rancid show and was so glad I finally got to shoot them.  They’re fun to watch and even more fun to sing along to.  Sick of it All was incredible.  These gentlemen hardly stopped at all during their set.  The energy on stage and in the crowd was awesome to see.  Rancid hit the stage last but certainly not least.  The band’s set was out of this world! Tim Armstrong and Lars Frederiksen are perfect and if you don’t think so, fight me.

Day 2 featured Ignite, Off!, and Bad Religion. Due to some nasty Inland Empire traffic I missed Ignite and most of Off!’s set.  I only caught the last song but it was awesome.  I was more than ready for Bad Religion to hit the stage.  They have been my favorite punk rock band since middle school and I was so stoked to finally get to shoot the band.  They hit the stage like seasoned veterans but had so much energy a clueless fan might have thought they were up and coming.  Bad Religion slays on stage.  It was so much fun being in a pit and crowd singing along to those classic Bad Religion songs.

Day 3 was crazy packed and with due right.  Blink-182 was going to be headlining this night’s music but with one very important change in the lineup.  Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba was going to be joining Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus.  I won’t dive into details surrounding the change (a simple google search will provide you all the info you need) and though the crowd was saddened that Tom DeLonge would be absent we were all pretty curious about the outcome of the show.  Again IE traffic got in my way and I missed Prayers’ set.  I arrived just in time for YelaWolf who put on an electrifying set that had everyone in the crowd in motion.  However, the crowd was a blur during Blink-182 with Matt Skiba’s set.  They were crazy and they were loud.  I could hardly hear Matt Skiba over the crowd during the set but it was incredible.  There’s nothing like singing Blink songs at the top of your lungs in a room full of people doing the exact same thing.  The band was all smiles, the crowd was all smiles, it was super dope.

MusInk 2015 was incredible.  I can’t even imagine what the festival will have in store for next year.  Congratulations to Jessica who won Miss Musink 2015.  Here’s to hoping that MusInk 2016 is as rad as this year.

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